1: "Choose low-light plants like snake plants and pothos for indoor gardening without sunlight."

2: "Use grow lights to provide artificial light for your indoor garden without natural sunlight."

3: "Rotate your plants regularly to ensure even growth and prevent them from leaning towards the light source."

4: "Water your indoor plants sparingly, as they will require less water without direct sunlight."

5: "Avoid over-fertilizing your indoor plants to prevent them from becoming overcrowded or damaged."

6: "Ensure good air circulation in your indoor garden to prevent pests and diseases from thriving."

7: "Consider using a humidifier to keep the air moisture levels balanced for your indoor plants."

8: "Regularly dust and clean your plants' leaves to ensure they can effectively photosynthesize."

9: "Monitor your plants for signs of stress or nutrient deficiency and make adjustments as needed for optimal growth."

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