1: Indulge in refreshing Greek Salad with olive oil dressing for a burst of flavors.

2: Enjoy a light and zesty Tabbouleh Salad with parsley, mint, and lemon.

3: Savor the taste of Fattoush Salad topped with crispy pita chips and tangy sumac.

4: Try the classic Caprese Salad with juicy tomatoes, fresh basil, and creamy mozzarella.

5: Whip up a colorful and nutrient-rich Nicoise Salad with tuna, eggs, and veggies.

6: Dig into a hearty Panzanella Salad with crusty bread, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

7: Get a taste of the Middle East with a flavor-packed Mezze Salad featuring hummus and falafel.

8: Delight in a traditional Spanish Gazpacho Salad made with ripe tomatoes and peppers.

9: End your meal with a sweet and satisfying Watermelon Salad with feta cheese and mint.

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