1: Boost your digestion with these 5 top exercises designed for busy postpartum women.

2: Engage your core with planks to improve digestion and strengthen your abdominal muscles.

3: Try pelvic tilts to relieve postpartum digestive issues and improve your overall gut health.

4: Incorporate yoga poses like the seated twist to aid digestion and ease bloating postpartum.

5: Squats are essential for postpartum digestive health, promoting better bowel movements and reducing constipation.

6: Include walking in your daily routine to improve digestion and boost postpartum energy levels.

7: Lunges help strengthen the lower body muscles, aiding digestion and promoting overall gut health postpartum.

8: Jump-start your metabolism with high-intensity interval training for better digestion and postpartum weight management.

9: Make time for these 5 top exercises to prioritize your postpartum digestive health as a busy girl.

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