1: Avengers Endgame's iconic "I am Iron Man" moment mirrored a famous comic panel.

2: Captain America wielding Thor's hammer shocked comic fans in a legendary scene.

3: The Avengers assemble in epic battle, paying homage to classic comic team-ups.

4: Endgame's time heist concept was adapted from comics like "Age of Ultron."

5: Iron Man's sacrificial snap was a nod to the "Infinity Gauntlet" comic arc.

6: Black Widow's selfless sacrifice mirrored her comic book counterpart's bravery.

7: Hulk merging with Banner is a major comic storyline, influencing Endgame's plot.

8: Ant-Man's role in the final battle is a homage to his comic book heroics.

9: Endgame's multiverse concept draws inspiration from various Marvel comic storylines.

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