1: Introducing Simone Biles, the first American woman to clinch Olympic gold in vault.

2: Witness history as Simone Biles secures victory at the Olympics in the vault tournament.

3: Simone Biles soars to success, making America proud with her vault gold medal win.

4: A look back at Simone Biles' groundbreaking achievement at the Olympic vault competition.

5: Celebrating Simone Biles' incredible triumph as the first American woman to win gold in vault.

6: Simone Biles' historic win in the vault event cements her legacy in Olympic gymnastics.

7: Relive the magic of Simone Biles' record-breaking performance in the vault tournament.

8: Simone Biles' gold medal win in vault showcases her unparalleled skill and determination.

9: Join us in honoring Simone Biles, a true trailblazer in American gymnastics history.

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