1: 1. Pothos - Easy to propagate in water. 2. Snake Plant - Thrives in a water environment.

2: 3. Spider Plant - Ideal for beginners. 4. Philodendron - Grows quickly in water.

3: 5. Coleus - Stunning colors when rooted in water. 6. English Ivy - Great for indoor hanging baskets.

4: 7. African Violet - Beautiful flowers when propagated in water. 8. Begonia - Colorful blooms in a water-filled vase.

5: 9. Jade Plant - Succulent that roots easily in water. 10. Impatiens - Bright and cheerful when grown in water.

6: Choose your plants wisely and watch them thrive in water!

7: Experiment with different plant varieties for a diverse water garden.

8: Propagation in water is a simple and rewarding way to grow new plants.

9: Enjoy the process of watching your cuttings grow roots and flourish in a water environment.

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